Switch Analyzer
The breaker operating time analyzer is a reliable, accurate and friendly device for maintenance and commissioning operations of breakers in medium and high voltage substations. It can perform operation time measurement, motion or stroke analysis, and static and dynamic contact resistances with high precision.
CBA 1000
Equipment for testing current and voltage transformers
iCT1 - CT/VT Test Set is the new portable device with patented Isa technology, designed for CT, VT and combined transformer testing. The innovative feature of iCT1 is to be able to perform tests on transformers with saturation above 2 kV and up to 30 kV in a completely safe way, by using the low voltage method called the DC method.
Oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps
Robust construction, long-lasting fiber reinforced epoxy resin vanes, proven rotary vane technology, long life. Alto caudal a bajas presiones, diseñada para funcionamiento continuo. Varias opciones de diseño disponibles, fácil adaptación a los requisitos y procesos de cada cliente.
R5 RA 0063/0100 F